The Starter Ex

When it comes to love, she’s crushing it!

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True love begins with a terrible ex in this steamy rom-com by USA Today best-selling author Mia Sosa.

Meet Vanessa Cordero. A cynic with a colorful past. You see, in college, Vanessa devised a profitable side gig: For a reasonable fee, she’d date your latest crush…and make his life miserable. Too clingy? Check. Jealous? Check. A mother’s worst nightmare? Check, check, check. By the time Vanessa was done with him, your guy would be ready for…YOU.

Meet Jason Torres. A certified commitment-phobe. Jason doesn’t plan on getting married anytime soon (if ever), much to his mother’s dismay. What he needs is a temporary girlfriend. A totally inappropriate girlfriend. Someone his mother will hate. So she’ll abandon her hopes of getting Jason to the altar—for a while at least.

Enter Lisa, Vanessa’s younger sister. She’s got her eye on Jason and convinces Vanessa to come out of retirement for one last starter ex-engagement. The rules are simple: no touching, no fooling around, and definitely no falling in love. But nothing’s going according to plan. Because Vanessa can’t ditch Jason no matter how hard she tries. And the longer these two are around each other, the more neither of them wants to be apart.

The Starter Ex, a playful and prank-filled romance from the Queen of Rom-Coms, Mia Sosa, balances humor, spice, and deep emotional connection against the vibrant backdrop of Spanish Harlem and Nuyorican culture. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
—Alexis Daria, bestselling author of You Had Me at Hola